Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Candelabra Wedding Centerpieces

Make your wedding centerpieces as unique as your wedding.  Vera Wang suggests to "mix up the reception with a whimsical seating plan of different shaped tables and to add some intrigue with an unexpected proportion."  The easiest way to accomplish this is by using unique centerpieces.  By having several centerpiece designs, you will add varying heights and focal points to your reception.

For my wedding, my mom and I selected four different candelabra designs from Opulent Treasures.  We placed one to three candelabras on each table and anchored each with symmetrical floral arrangements.  I love the way these crystal centerpieces sparkled.  The tea lights set off a very romantic glow to set the atmosphere for the entire evening. 

You can either rent or purchase your centerpieces.  Because I had my eye set on specific candelabras, we purchased my centerpieces, then resold them after the big day.  We fell in love with them, so we kept a few to decorate for other events.

Other unique options instead of candelabras could be lanterns, bird cages, wine boxes, antique candlesticks, crystal vases, or even decorative cake stands.

When selecting your centerpieces, try to work with the decor of your reception venue.  I drew inspiration from the ceilings lined with crystal chandeliers when picking out the candelabras.  My damask theme, from the menus to the table numbers, was also inspired by the pearl damask wallpaper in the ballroom.  Lastly, the vintage design of my cake coordinated with the traditional decor of the country club where we celebrated.

If you purchase your own centerpieces, be sure to give it a test run.  For example, at my mom's house, we laid out white linens and vases to ensure we liked the scale of each design.  Once you've decided on the final layout, make an appointment with your wedding venue to bring your decorations and test it out.  Be sure to take a lot of photos and adjust any proportions if necessary.

What did you use for your wedding?  Are there unique centerpieces you are considering?

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