Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DIY Front Porch Limestone Step Repair -- A quick fix for winter erosion

Boy did winter take a toll on our front porch!  We knew in the fall of last year that our porch was not in the best shape, but after the winter I thought we were going to have to tear everything out and start fresh.  With our wedding right around the corner, we do not have an extra $2-4K on hand to throw at this project.  Phil did some research and talked to our dads and they were able to come up with a quick fix.  

Phil was able to complete the project in just a few hours on a Saturday.  It looks so much better!  Now I do not have to worry about our guests or mailman tripping on our steps.  We will get everything replaced eventually, but this should get us through this year.  

 Cement All
Scrap wood to build support
Nails to build support
Metal scraper
1. Assemble support system.  This should be used as a base to add the cement on.
2. Mix Cement All and water in a bucket
3. Scoop the cement mixture and spread across the surface you are filling in.  Continue to mold and flatten as you go.  It is more of an art than a science
4. Allow several hours to dry.  Since it was cold out, we added a blanket over the stairs and placed a trouble light underneath to ensure a better bond.  The blanket and trouble light worked as a light source.

Come on over friends!  I now have a front porch that works.

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